Who Is Brett Donowho?

Who Is Brett Donowho?
If you have watched the movie Act of Violence starred by Bruce Willis, Sophia Bush, Shawn Ashmore, Ashton Holmes, and many others, you must be familiar with the name Brett Donowho. He directed the film and also Salvation and Music Within. Donowho is also a film producer and an actor.

Donowho was nominated for Best Director for his film Salvation in 2016 in the Madrid International Film Festival. The film won numerous awards at the Los Angeles Cinema Film Festival of Hollywood including the Best Narrative Feature, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Special Effects Makeup.

In Salvation, a preacher and an evil drifter are able to uncover secrets of a small town. The film is inspired by true events. Vinnie "Randy" Vanatta is a con artist without any sense of morality. He earns by deceiving people until payback time comes through the appearance of a tormented and conflicted preacher, Pastor Daniel Helms played by Brett Donowho who is a man of God but with a dark past and an unhappy marriage. Randy 's destructive path also crossed with Marlene (Giovanna Zacarias) a vulnerable and abused woman. The collision of the three lost souls led into a struggle not merely for their lives but for their eternal salvation.

In the film Act of Violence, Roman played by Ashton Holmes and his ex-military brothers portrayed by Cole Hauser and Shawn Ashmore who teamed up with Detective Avery played by Bruce Willis. Together they aim to take down the syndicate and the corrupt bureaucracy that protect the human traffickers.  

Brett Donowho also teamed up with financier Mickey Gooch and former Furla/Oasis/Emmett films executive Anthony Callie to create the Runaway Planet Content Group. It is a finance and production company. Its purpose is to come up with content that is priced within the 10 to 40 million-dollar range.

The first film slated on the company is Operation Husky. This is a World War II drama based on the invasion of the Allied forces to Sicily, Italy. The film will be directed by Brett Donowho and written by Andrew M. Henderson. The film will be produced by Callie, Donowho, and Paradox Film Group's Brandon K. Hogan. The company also brought in to the fleet Corbin Bronson who is the casting director of shows like Cloak & Dagger of Freeform and ABC's Revenge. Bronson will function as the in-house executive in charge of casting and talent. Donowho worked as an agent and the chief operating officer of the Kaplan- Stahler Agency.
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